Why Correctional Sales?

Correctional Sales represents unmatched experience navigating the complex world of the correctional marketplace. We have built an excellent foundation with the biggest distributors that service entire state correctional systems and regional distributors who service county jails and federal prisons directly.  We know how to access the private prison companies. We know buyers at the local, state and national levels who can approve and specify your products on bids.

We know how to get your brands approved for items that facilities are already purchasing and your items introduced where they are not.
Our network has the ability to quickly evaluate products and determine what changes, if any, are needed to meet security standards at all levels and can make recommendations on how to make those changes cost effectively.

We can evaluate the market to determine potential volumes and what price would be competitive and provide this insight BEFORE resources are committed to marketing a product to the correctional marketplace.

In short, Correctional Sales is THE resource to effectively introduce or expand your company in the correctional marketplace. We will ensure sales and profits in this hypercompetitive market with huge potential. We help you avoid the many pitfalls while opening doors to new sales opportunities that your competition likely isn’t even aware of.

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